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August 13, 2013

They arrived not even 20 minutes after my phone call! the technicians were nice and very knowledgeable. My dog ripped up two portions of the carpet and they had it fixed and cleaned up in less than a half an hour. I would definitely recommend and would use them again!

May 12, 2011

I recently listed my home for sale and was very concerned about my carpet. I raised a puppy in my home and had some very old stains, plus some not so old ones. The stains were so bad in one room in particular that the texture of the carpet had changed. I thought for sure I’d have to replace the carpets, but I thought I ‘d at least try a professional cleaning first. This was the only professional carpet cleaning I’d ever had in this home and the carpet was 11 years old! I called 3 places including this one, one I found in an ad and even one that was a family friend, and Phoenix Carpet Repair was the only company that didn’t nickel and dime me. Brian was extremely professional, answered all my questions, and I could tell he took a lot of pride in what he did. On top of all that, his estimate was still the least expensive. When the service was done, I was hoping the smell would die down a bit and that the home would at least be present able to show. When I saw my house after the service, my jaw literally hit the floor. My 11 year old, never-been-professionally cleaned, soiled, stained carpet looked like I did the day it was installed. There was only the pleasant and mild smell of oranges (not too heavy at all) which is the scent of the cleaning solution. This far exceeded my expectation of the home looking presentable. Brian salvaged the carpet for the next home owner. I am so happy I used Phoenix Carpet Repair for my carpet cleaning and Brian did an amazing job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs this service. Sarah H.

April 29.2011

Here’s an entrepreneur who is truly passionate about quality work and quality customer service. I came to find Robert and Phoenix Carpet Repair after the company, who we just had clean the carpets and were also supposed to fix the carpet. But when the other company looked at the job, they then were too scared to do it, leaving me in a lurch with all my furniture moved, but no ability to repair the carpet. I called Phoenix Carpet Repair right away. Robert was very courteous and helpful. He stopped by the same day I called him, and because of our circumstance, he arranged for next day service. I thought this was very impressive as he already had a full schedule. The repair was completed with excellent fit and finish. Robert went the extra mile and even removed more carpet than needed to remove a bump underneath where we walk. All-in-all, excellent service from an expert who really knows how to do the job right…at a great price I might add. Many thanks to Phoenix Carpet Repair. Highly recommend. Brian & Sue – Estrella Mountain Ranch

April 11, 2011

Robert repaired the carpet in two of my bedrooms. He was prompt and professional and cleaned up after himself! Also had my carpet cleaned by Brian at Gusto Complete Floor Care. He responded to my call in a timely manner and did an excellent job. Now I don’t need new carpet!

Cinda M. Gilbert AZ

March 15, 2011

Robert was great!! He arrived early, repaired my carpet in under 30 minutes, and his work was impressive. He is an expert at his trade and I will definitely be using him for all my carpet needs. Call Robert if you want it done right! Vincent M. Buckeye, AZ

Feb 2, 2011
I called Robert in regard to three repairs needed to my berber carpet. Two areas from the tile to carpet were frayed very bad and the other was a burn mark on the steps from the vacuum cleaner. I showed him all three and provided an extra piece of carpet for him to use. I was amazed in regard to how well these repairs were completed. The two frayed areas were replaced and matched perfectly to the existing carpet and when I checked the steps I could not even tell which one was repaired. I had called other companies and never even received a return phone call. When I called Robert, he immediately returned my call and provided a very reasonable price estimate and completed the repairs the next day. Excellent work from a professional who takes pride in providing quality service and workmanship. Mike G
Jan 26, 2011

I had a burnt carpet, and it was a pretty significant size. I didn’t know how in the world we would be able to fix it. Robert, from Phoenix Carpet Repair, made some great suggestions. He told me that we could use some carpet from a closet, and then replace that with something that matched. He also asked if I had some extra carpet lying around, because we could use that as well.
We did find some extra carpet, so we used that. For no extra charge he also did some extra repairs around the house that he saw. He went above and beyond the call of duty and didn’t charge me for it. The patch spot looks really great. It is better than I could have hoped for. Jenny L. Tempe, AZ

Jan 24, 2011
Phoenix Carpet Repair is an excellent service. I found them on craig’s list and hired them to repair carpet in a house I bought that was a foreclosure. The carpet had wrinkles in it and they were able to stretch those out. Also, in one of the bedrooms, the previous owner had spilled paint and it had dried. Phoenix Carpet Repair used the carpet in the closet to patch it and everything turned out perfectly. 

They showed up on time and their estimate was right-on. Robert honored the estimate and didn’t go over it. They are honest and reliable. Garth

Dec 31, 2010
I was going to throw out the carpet in our nursery because it was so rippled and had numerous holes. PHX Carpet Repair came out the same day of my call (on New Years Eve!) and fixed my carpet so that it looks as good as new. The best part was they were ridiculously cheap and quick. From talking with the repair man I could tell that he new far more than my original installers. This company is Awesome! Make sure your request Robert as he is the Best!

Lonnie Dec 17, 2010
I had a terrible situation my carpet had at least 6 burns from the coals for hookah smoke. i called up this number and got it repaired for a good price and the job was efficient I recommend phoenix carpet repair for sure. Review taken from Yahoo Local under Phoenix Carpet Repair

I Love the opportunity 12/4/2010

I love the opportunity to get service on the same day of the call. I didn’t have the carpet and Robert was able to offer me some of his carpet. Robert’s carpet was the same color as mine. He saved me a ton of money on carpet and on repairs! http://www.phoenixcarpetrepair.com

That is customer service. 11/29/2010

I can’t believe what a great job you did on the carpet spots that were ragged and not meeting the with the hardwood floor. We are leasing our house since we just moved here from California and wanted to make sure the area was right for us. We got a little dog which our kids love but the dog got locked in the room and tore up the carpet horribly trying to get out. The nails were sticking out and everything. After you fixed the carpet, it looks like brand new! I can’t believe it. Not only that, but you answered your own phone and made it to our house the same day and did the repair. That is customer service. I will definitely be recommending you! As a matter of fact I already have to our neighbor!

Thanks again for your professional and responsive service. We would NEVER have received any type of service like this in California.

Thanks, Melissa and Ruben Arizpe

Would definitely recommend!

By Jessica– Nov 15, 2010
Great Job Robert did a great job replacing a patch of carpet that had been damaged by dog urine and re-stretching carpet that had come loose. He called to let me know he was on his way and showed up right on time. Would definitely recommend!

I was stood-up by a chain carpet repair…‎‎

By John – Sep 19, 2010
Our ten year old living room carpet had pulled away from a tile transition area. Several sections of carpeting had frayed including an angled area where a 2 1/2″ X 4″ section was in shreds. We got an appointment with a “carpet repair chain”, moved the heavy sofa beds along with our other furniture the night before, and crossed our fingers that a re-stretch would solve the problem. Wait a minute. I left out the part about draining a 125 gallon aquarium and putting the fish in a bucket. So, the wife left work early the next day to keep the appointment only to get a call that the repair guy was just-too-busy to keep the APPOINTMENT. We all can agree that Things Happen. But we were NOT offered to be first in-line for a next-day appointment. What we WERE offered was an appointment three days later. With no apology. No apology. No thank you. No nothing. We called Robert. Robert gave us an appointment for the very next business day. Then, amazingly(?) he showed up for the appointment! He power stretched the entire dining room and family room, gained enough slack to remove the frayed areas, and installed double nail-strips along the tile transition. The new seam is awesome. Amazing. Precise. Flawless. Call Robert. Don’t waste your time. Call Robert.


Robert came to fix a hole my puppy made in my carpet and replace that section with the carpet from my closet. I needed help in a pinch and he was right on time. He replaced everything and it looks like new! He was very reliable, pleasant to talk to and worked very quickly. Very honest man! I HIGHLY recommend him to repair your carpet!‎

By clearuso – Aug 9, 2010


Robert, Just a note of thanks for the great job you did repairing our carpet this week. You saved us oodles of money because we didn’t have to buy new carpet! I will definitely use you for future carpet repairs and refer you to as many people as I can. Thanks again for your punctuality, your professionalism and your high standards of quality.

Kathy A Pujat – July 6th 2010

Quick and Great Service…‎‎

I had some torn carpet in the middle of my floor and in the edge of the living room of my apartment. It was all done by my puppy teething and just looking for things to chew on. I found Phoenix Carpet Repair off Craigslist, a very good resource for home repairs. I called Robert to get an estimate of his prices. He willingly came out within an hour just to examine my carpet first before he started. Although my biggest struggle was finding matching carpet for the repairs, Robert still did a tremendous job on patching my carpet back together. Fast and efficient without the stress. I appreciate the work, now lets hope my dog doesn’t find the new patches and re tear them.‎

Rudolph – April 27th 2010

Excellent repair job….‎‎

My wife and I recently introduced two puppies into our home after an older dog passed on. The two puppies wasted no time in ripping out the carpet on the top of my staircase and digging up the carpet by the back door of my house. I found Robert and Phoenix Carpet Repair on Google and called. Robert was exceptionally friendly to deal with on the telephone and answered all of my questions in great detail. Robert and I scheduled a time for him to come to my house the next day and Robert showed up promptly on time. Fortunately, I live in a newer house and the builder had left me with extra carpet. Robert was able to use my extra carpet to patch the hole and fix the torn carpet. He did a wonderful job and from a distance you cannot tell that the carpet was damaged at all. I would definitely use Robert again (although I really hope that I don’t have to). But I feel better knowing that when the problem does happen again, I know exactly who to call.‎

Michael – April 23rd 2010


My dog tried to dig a hole under my bedroom door (in my Berber carpet), making a large square of baldness that looked unrepairable!!! I got a quote from a competitor, and was just about to go with them until I called Robert and he beat their price by $100, on a $200 job. He came out on a Saturday to work with my schedule, worked his miracle (which looks amazing), and made it look effortless!!! Thanks so much Robert!!!!! I will DEFINITELY call you first next time!‎

Steve – April 11th 2010