Our Equipment


Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction

We take great pride in our work and we know that settling for less than the best when it comes to equipment means that you would not get the best cleaning possible. That’s why we use only the patented Pro Chem Apex Cleaning system. This Gas  Powered,  powerhouse generates twice the suction of the industry average, and can heat water up to 230 degrees! This translates into a deeper, more thorough sanitizing clean and the fastest dry-times in the industry. Guaranteed.

This system allows us to be very efficient and in many cases, we can run two sets of tools from the same truck without losing any performance. Get elite quality cleaning at competitive rates.











Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses less water

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Specialists offers Truck Mounted Deep Cleaning as well as a Low moisture carpet cleaning process. This type of cleaning reduces the occurrence of wick backs (The reappearing of stains) Water Extraction Steam cleaning uses 20-60 gallons of water depending on the soil level and the size of the home. Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Specialists low moisture cleaning uses 3-4 gallons of water depending on the Soil level and size of the home. The IICRC technicians know what techniques to use and when to use them. So trust the pros at Phoenix carpet cleaning specialists to led you in the right direction for all your cleaning needs! Call for a FREE Phone Estimate at 602-759-0511.