Which method of cleaning is best?

While there are many choices when it comes to cleaning methods, the time proven method of hot water extraction (steam cleaning), when done correctly, has shown to be the most effective. Carpet manufacturers, certain government organizations and the Carpet and Rug Institute all state that high performance hot water extraction with maximum moisture and residue removal is the most effective way of sanitizing and removing the soil from your carpet.

Does your process leave any chemicals behind?

No. While some companies want you to think that using soap on your carpet is bad, think to yourself: would you wash your clothes, hair or dishes without soap? No! The trick is thoroughly and effectively rinsing all the residue away! With our powerful suction, we leave your carpets soft, residue free, and virtually dry.

Are your cleaning products safe?

All of the cleaning agents we regularly use in your home are biodegradable and safe for your children and pets. We even have hypo-allergenic cleaning products with the Green Seal of Approval available upon request.

I spilled something on my carpet! What should I do?

Don’t panic, don’t scrub it, and don’t put anything on it except clean water. Gently soak up as much material as you can with a white towel or paper towels. For an in-depth look at virtually anything you can spill and how to clean it check out this link: http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/cleaning-and-maintenance/spot-solver.cfm

What makes your equipment better than other companies?

We take great pride in our work and we know that settling for less than the best when it comes to our products and equipment means that you will get a cleaning that isn’t the best it can be. Through trial and error, we’ve discovered the industry’s best cleaning products and our cleaning system is second to none. When it comes to carpet cleaning, heat and suction are the biggest factors in what the end result is and there is no better system on the planet than the patented Aero-tech PTO driven cleaning powerhouse for providing maximum heat and suction.